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DbLite is a port of a very light weight relational database management system from Java to J#. It has a SQL-like syntax and uses serialization to manage tables. It is not meant to compete with real-world relational database management systems, rather provide simple, stand-alone, single user, relational database features that do not have to be installed seperatly and can be used without requiring a separate, complex RDBMS.

DbLite is a J# port of jordb. jordb was written back in 1999 to fill the gap between coding custom persistence mechanisms for stand-alone single user applications and applications reliant on large powerful relational database management systems. It allows a developer to manipulate tables consisting of rows that are serialized vectors of objects. A developer can design the tables in an administrative application, use them in a desktop application and query them in the administrative application or any combination thereof. The system supports the concepts of pre-complied statements, and transactions with rollback.

No Separate RDBMS Install (Distribute With Your Application)
RDBMS Features for Single User Applications
Binary Data File Compatibility Between Applications

Management System Screen Shot

SQL-like Syntax
GUI Administration Application
GUI Table Design / Alter
Test Suite
Pre-compiled Statements (see: Setting Parameter Values on a Built (Compiled) Statement)

The SQL is Very Basic
No Sorting Capabilities
No Grouping Capabilities
No Aggregations
Problematic Syntax Parser
Management GUI Database Browse

The use of the term SQL is general. The Structured Query Language supported by DbLite is not ANSI SQL.

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